Statistical Tracking
  for Franchise Companies

Who We Are

StatTrac management team offers over half a century of experience providing strategic enterprise intelligence. Businesses come to us in search of leading edge information technology solutions. Our technical expertise has offered our clients the knowledge and power they need to not only survive, but excel in their chosen industries. Our experience in a multitude of industries including transportation, insurance, medical, and hospitality has given us the versatility to offer breakthrough solutions never before offered in the franchise industry.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that power is obtained through knowledge. The best way for any business to survive is to have access to that vital knowledge.

Understanding the Challenges

After years of developing tracking systems for franchised-based businesses, we understand the challenges franchise owners face in trying to keep track of multiple units, in multiple locations. The reality is that power can be severely compromised by:

  • Unreliable or delayed information used to make business decisions.
  • Struggling to control and manage expenses versus profit on a daily basis.
  • Outdated technology that limits your daily planning and growth.

What We Believe

We believe that as technology in our world changes, so should the way you manage your business. We also believe that accurate statistical information is a powerful weapon for businesses competing in today’s economy.

StatTrac’s cutting edge technology will empower you with instant, up-to-date, reliable information giving you the tool you need to control your business, plan your growth and compete in today’s economy.