Statistical Tracking
  for Franchise Companies

Our Solution

StatTrac was specifically designed to meet the needs of franchise owners. It is a web-based solution for tracking and retrieving reliable, statistical information from multiple units in an accurate, consistent and timely manner.

StatTrac provides reliable knowledge to power your business.

What We Offer

Act don’t React

  • Accurate Information
  • Information that is entered once, from each unit, and stored in a central system without having to be reentered by different levels of management. This eliminates the need for duplicate entries and minimizes entry errors.

  • Consistent Information
  • Select information that is compiled together, predetermined by management, so that numbers can be analyzed and compared in the same format from one unit to the next for any time period desired. This eliminates measurements that aren’t consistent throughout the franchise.

  • Timely Information
  • Information that is quickly retrieved from all units and instantly compared in groups or time periods. This reduces or eliminates the amount of management hours normally spent compiling numbers sent from multiple units.